Caro is a handcrafted ceramic studio based in Los Angeles, created by the artist and designer Carolina Cortella. Her ceramics work focuses on creating organic shaped functional pieces that include mainly lamps, vases, bowls and candle holders.

Graduated from Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Carolina was drawn to clay as a transition from a career in film directing. She felt the urge to experiment with tangible materials, as a way to continue her storytelling. Inspired by the human connectedness with mother earth (Pachamama), she explores forms found in the human body and nature. Her work experiments the similarities between the mutability of clay and human bodies, embracing this connection in a full circle. Manipulating the material to create a collection that generates a dialogue between art and functional pieces, her drive is to create a sensory impact and sparks thoughts about our relationship with earth.

If you are a gallery or a shop interest in exhibiting and/or stocking a collection or wish to commission a piece, you can email me directly. ︎︎ 

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Presenting the hanbuilt vase named “Monstrua Marina”. 

December 2021, Buenos Aires Argentina

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